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Kyle Kozlansky
Founder of Chimney Cheat Code

Justin Neri

Founder of Soot Soldiers Chimney
& CCC Onboarding and Integration Specialist

Why we do it

We had a problem. Well...two problems.

As all sweeps know, in the chimney industry it's feast or famine.

During the busy season, we couldn't keep up with all the calls, so we lost leads, got overwhelmed, lost track of our families, our spouses, and even time itself. It was all a blur of soot and appointments until winter began.

Then January hit and we would have done anything to make the phone ring again.

So we needed a solution. So we took a page out of the book of a 40-million dollar solar and roofing company owned by one of our friends.

"What's the secret?" we asked.

"Get your marketing right" was the resounding answer.

"But how?" I don't have time to do all this, we're all swamped, and we really don't feel like paying thousands for an agency to do it for us."

"Just automate it", he said.

So we built this...


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